Mommy Needs Time Out

If you find yourself uncontrollably screaming at the top of your voice, ready to pull your hair out, then you’re a clear manifestation of the adage “All work and no play make one dull.” Parenting is a vocation riddled with way too many demands that it’s only too easy to fall into the trap of frustration and self-neglect. With the many mommy duties we have to fulfill, it’s a common trait among us to forget our own needs and put our family at the top of our priorities list.

What we moms must realize, is that in order to be the best mom- or dad- we can be for our kids, we have to first look after ourselves. Happy parents make for happier kids. But with the busy lives we lead, giving way to our personal happiness all too often seems like a herculean task. So, how can we manage to keep ourselves happy despite our cramped schedules?

Remember that it’s perfectly alright to indulge in some guilty pleasures once in a while. If you want to take a break from doing the laundry to have a flutter with Paddy Power online, let nothing get in your way. Even if it’s something as simple as a chocolate milkshake to make you happy, go ahead and go for it. Take a quick respite from your online work, and send an instant message to your online friend from Bahrain.

The possibilities are endless. Tap into your inner desires, and live out your passions. Keep in mind that there always has to be a balance in everything.

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