Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

During my days, I don’t take even a single sip of alcoholic drinks. Though it was very late when I found out that I am pregnant with Elijah. Taking a risk won’t do anything, it will just lengthen my pain. As what I had said in my previous post, I may surely satisfy myself in my vices but it won’t contribute any good to me and my son’s health.

Drinking alcoholic drinks during pregnancy can cause serious mental and physical defects in you and your unborn child.

Your baby my have small body size and health circumference,  nearsightedness, flattened cheekbones, smaller eye openings, deformed ribs, hip dislocations, heart and kidney defects, learning disabilities, genital malformations, facial abnormalities and many more.

It is never right to drink alcoholic drinks during pregnancy. Don’t take a risk for your baby’s future.

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