Can You Be Pregnant Immediately After Not Taking DMPA?

I went to the OB last week to see if I am pregnant or not. I didn’t have my Depo Provera shot on January 16 because I planned on stopping for at least a year. It made me fat, about twice of my real weight, and it made me have cramps anytime of the day. I used DMPA for about 4 years and I thought it is the best time stop. But I was wrong, stopping made me crazy. Why? A friend of mine stopped taking DMPA shot on September, she became pregnant on January. Oh life! That is only 4 months of not taking the shot and here she is pregnant.

According to my research, you cannot have your menstruation period again from 1-8 months after your last depo shot. So that is 8 months of waiting whether you are pregnant or not, well it only applies to those who are sexually active. So if you are not active, then there is no need to worry, DUH.

So back to my story, before I went to the OB, I bought a pregnancy test kit to know if I am pregnant or not. The result is negative but my breast are being tender, I vomit sometimes in the morning and I have a big tummy that adds to my craziness so the need to see an OB Gyne is very strong.

The OB performed I.E (vaginal or internal exam) to know whether I am pregnant or not but it looks like I am not. She gave me another PT and the result is negative again. She asked me if I wanted to have my menstruation back before I have my shot but I insisted to have my Depo shot on that day as I am not comfortable in having menstruation again.

Honestly, I am not contented with the exams she performed. What I want is a proof that there is no baby in my tummy. I need to hear no heartbeat.

The OB told me that even if I am pregnant and have my DMPA on that day, the baby will be fine and the depo will have no bad effect on the pregnancy. Ang effect nito kung buntis ka, mas lalakas yung kapit ng bata, she told us.

So there, you can be pregnant after not taking DMPA and having an unprotected sex. Your menstruation period will come anytime from 1-8 months upon stopping . Learn from my friend’s experience.


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