Saving Wisely

Working on very long hours can be really exhausting. Most of the time, working parents find it hard to spend quality time with their kids. There are bills to pay, rooms to clean, clothes to wash, and so on and so forth. The unending cycle of being a parent. Good thing I am a work at home mom. I can work while having a good time with my son. Isn’t that great?

Anyway, my mom is working in the office so I know how hard it is for her to balance her time. She has to go to the office very early to beat the traffic then go home very late. Imagine all her expenses not to mention the work uniform, fare, and monthly contributions. Thinking about all her expenses and energy draining travel time, I just wish she will soon retire and have a break. Good thing there are companies that collect tax rebates on behalf of clients. Since my mom is an employee, she is eligible for a rebate.

For parents who just want to spend time with their kids on day offs instead wasting their time washing their work uniforms, service providers also offer uniform tax rebate. This pertains to certain work related expenses like uniform washing allowance, provided that there is no on-site washing facility workplace. This could be a great help for parents who has a growing family where in expenses are getting higher at the same time since they can also claim rebates for fees paid to a certain union, professional bodies, and expenses related to their job description as well as mileage incurred for work-related travels and accommodation including meals.

My mom needs help in keeping track of her income and expenses. I found out that there are online sites that will help in keeping her accounting records but of course it comes in different monthly fees. Since she is on a tight budget we need FreeAgent discount code to maximize savings.

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