The Striking Beni Ourain Rug – The Ideal Rug for your Neutral Décor

The Beni Ourain people are located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and are made up of approximately 16 different tribes. All of these tribes weave the rugs in a similar design, although some color and design variations do exist between the different tribes. Some of the tribes will not use any dye on the wool and others will use a natural dye. These rugs are traditionally made from sheeps wool although some weavers will utilize camel hair for the tufted rugs. They hand wash the rug material and dye them using natural substances like henna, wild mint green, saffron yellow and pomegranate.
The Moroccan rug is steeped in mystical origins. These tugs were
originally made by North African Tribesmen in the Paleolithic era. The tribal symbols that were woven in to the rugs many centuries earlier served as the weavers way of communicating, much as the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt were used to pass on the legends and myths to the future generations.
The skill of weaving the Beni Ourain rug is passed down from mother to daughter and the designs reflect the life of the weaver. They would weave designs that showed common occurrences and important events. The design themes that they used could reflect birth, nature, religious beliefs and rural life. .

These rugs were traditionally used as bedspreads and blankets not rugs. They have a very loose structure and would contour to the body and the pile is thick and soft. The elements that are used to create a Beni Ourain rug was done to ensure that there are no two alike.
Beni Ourain rugs have been a popular item with well-known designers and architects. Names like Frank Lloyd Wright, Ray Eames prefer these types of rugs. The people who purchase this type of rug are in love with the soft and luxurious feel of it. These rugs are in very high demand throughout the country mainly because of their quality and what they may bring to the area where they are placed.

These rugs can be used in a variety of way throughout your home or workplace. They are used as rugs, or perhaps wall hangings, hallway runners or a framed piece of art. By hanging the Beni Ourain Rug you can avoid it getting worn and a glass frame keeps it safe from any damage for years. For those who prefer a more exotic look for a room over a traditional rug, these are ideal as they enhance the living space as well as the furnishings and decorations.
The weavers which are located in the different regions of Morocco make rugs that are based on the climate of that region. The tribes living in the mountainous climates where it is colder weave with larger loops to protect from the frigid temperatures. However, the tribes living in a warmer area weave so it is more tightly fitted than an average weave.
Beni Ourain rugs are relatively durable and therefore are well suited to high traffic areas. They should be cleaned every 6 to 12 months to prevent wear marks that can be irreversible. It is recommended that it be cleaned using a dry or slightly damp cleaning process.

If you want a rug that you can pass down to the generations to come then the Beni Ourain is the rug you need.

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