Costume Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Halloween is one of those holidays that suddenly creeps up on you (pun intended). Before you know it, you’re at your local department store or Target and see the shelves lined with pumpkin decorations, candy corn, and supersized bags of assorted chocolates. In just one month, costume shelves are disarrayed, and everyone’s scrambling to sort […]

150,000 Items Purchased on the First Day of Lazada Grand Christmas Sale; 1 day to go

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – December 10 marked the first day of the 3-day Lazada Grand Christmas Sale ( The first day of the sale already broke records as online Christmas shoppers bought over 150,000 items from the Lazada website and Lazada mobile app. This is a 25% uplift from its sales last November 11. Lazada offers […]

Singkaban Festival 2015 Schedule of Activities

    Singkaban Festival (Sining at Kalinangan ng Bulacan), a festival of arts and culture in honor of Capitol’s patron saint, “Our Lady of Victory”, showcasing the traditional arts of “Balagtasan,” “Kundiman” and folk dances amidst of the “Singkaban” arches. The festival is celebrated in every second week of September which is in conjunction with […]

Touring the culinary highlights of the Florida coast

Surrounded by water and boasting a warm climate year-round, Florida is ideal for citrus and other tropical fruits to thrive in, making the state the nation’s top producer of not only oranges, lemons and grapefruit, but coconuts, mangoes and papaya as well. These delicious fruits appear in salads, desserts and everything in between. Citrus is […]

Where to Look for the Perfect Baby Gifts

You’d think it’d be easy to buy a gift for a baby. They aren’t particularly picky, and will play with or smile at just about anything. But the moment you begin to look for the ideal baby gifts for the babies in your life, you begin to realise it’s much harder than you first thought. […]