Paper vs Plastic: 5 Practical Reasons Why Plastic Postcards Are Better

Whether you are sending a personal postcard or a mass marketing mailer, plastic postcards are definitely the next big thing. The evolutionary next step in postcard technology, they are tougher, more attractive, and affordable. In fact, if they are properly disposed, plastic postcards are actually environmentally friendly. Businesses are slowly shifting away from cardstock to […]

Why Do We Use Flags?

Flags are used by different countries to portray their historical past and ideals. Before, flags are used to by people to identify themselves and to whom one was loyal. It was only used as a means of identification but now it is very important for it serves as a symbol of pride and identity of […]

The Best Way to Handle DUI Charges

There are so many people who end up in jail for offences that they are not even aware were offences in the first place. Very few people are actually concerned with the particulars laws that govern their state or county. For instance DUI offenders have been lately on the rise and many people are helpless […]

Gay Lingo

Cookie Monster — magluto (to cook) Purita Kalaw — mahirap (poor) Cathy Dennis — “makati” (frisky) Washington / Wishing / Wish — wala (nothing or none) Chanda Romero — tiyan (tummy) Givency / Janno Gibbs / Debbie Gibson — bigay (to give) That’s Entertainment / Anda / Andalucia / Anju / Anjo Yllaña — datung (money) […]

Panerai Radiomir Replica – Style Icon

Panerai Radiomir Replica watch that is basically supported by the design of Panerai watch, which was produced in year 1938 which was intended for the Navy of Royal Italian. The Black Seal Watch of Panerai Radiomir is an easy however advanced watch. The Black Seal watch of Panerai Radiomir Replica is truly a rhombus in the replica watches. This […]