Bills. Bills. Bills. Can you pay my bills?

Income in my own definition is just paying your monthly bills. You will never have a chance to buy your own stuff unless you earn extra BIG. I am a good example of  stay at home mom who actually wants to work at home. Our expenses are getting bigger and their salary are not enough even kuya Olan and mom are working away from us. Kuya Olan is a call center agent while mom is working as a government employee in Bulacan for almost 20 years. We are paying our monthly house rent, my sister’s tuition fee, food budget, electricity and water bills, cable, internet and landline services excluding mom and kuya’s expenses there. Soon my sister will be having his school service. See? Overloading expenses. I really want to help them in paying but destiny won’t allow me. I can’t find online jobs that is suitable for me. Elijah is getting naughtier each day and I can’t work properly when he is awake. O well. How I wish posting in facebook makes me rich.


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  1. If bills didn’t exist, I would be a happy stay at home mom. But with the mortgage, car loan and tuition, hindi pwede as of this time. At least, we’re all in this together hehe.. 🙂

  2. Tyaga lang and you’ll find blogging rewarding. 🙂

    Thanks for following. I added your link to my blogroll. 🙂

    See yah!

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