My First Mommy Moments – So Little

This is Elijah doing his job. Messing his toys is his duty. He never fails to do it. Whenever he see his toys at their proper places, he throws them everywhere until the basket is empty. Sometimes when he is in the mood, he puts everything back in the basket. But that will only happen once in a blue moon. Haha!

mommy moments

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16 Responses

  1. welcome to mommy moments! my little boy is now 3 and he still throws everything on the floor. he fixes them only when someone helps him to fix… hay.. sometimes, i help him sometimes, i just leave it. anyway, hope our kids will learn to fix after themselves soon.

  2. ang cute, well anyway even how messy or how they messed up things are, they are still indeed so cute. but there should be a time for them to fixed things up when they are grow up somehow

  3. he..he..i could relate with that…cguro it’s normal for our tikes but sometimes it drives us insane..he..he…

    thanks for the visit…sorry minsn lang makadalaw super-duper busy and lola eh:)

  4. Your son is so cute. I have passed Mommy Moments this week.
    Btw, I grabbed your badge and it’s now on my sidebar (SmartMommies), I hope you can add mine to your collection. 🙂


  5. Having a messy house is a very commong thing when you have toddlers. I have two so, double the mess lol.

    Thanks for your visit Phebz, I am now following your blog..

  6. You’ll enjoy mommy moments for sure! Thanks for dropping by my page. The little the kids are the little the trouble, so enjoy it pa 😀 happy weekend!

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    I hope Elijah will always be in the mood so you’ll have a little helper in the house. I think this is the best age to train him to pack up his toys at the end of his play.

    We’re having giveaway. Please come back and join the fun when you can. Thanks!

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