I Am Fooled!

I know what I want this Christmas, to have a new hair style and color I guess. During my high school and college days, I used to have a hair color. Name the colors you know and I had them all already. I use to have a long, thin, short, curly, thick or straight hair. I used to join a paluwagan or sinking fund in which members pool money at a scheduled time, to sustain my hair vices. I am literally addicted to hair colors. I just have to stop when I got Elijah in my tummy. Hehe! I read an article in a magazine that using hair care products is harmful to my baby so I decided to stop since it will only last for 1 year.

Blame me for not researching more. I am ALLOWED to use whatever hair care products and how many colors I want on my hair. It has no effect on my baby at all. It will not transfer to my milk either. See? I am fooled by that magazine! I hope I didn’t read it! I suffered enough to have a plain black long sometimes short hair. BORING hair!

O well, worry no more. Once I get paid and/or mom give me a present, I will surely have my hair done!

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