Elijah is Not Yet Fine.

We just got home yesterday after Elijah had been admitted to Baguio General Hospital three days ago due to stomach flu that made him dehydrated. Thanks God for letting us go home and make Elijah feel fine.

Our plan was to bring Elijah to the Baguio General Hospital emergency room for faster check up processes but when we got there they insisted to bring us to the under five clinic just few blocks away. Under five clinic attendants were mad at us because we came late. It was three p.m already and their admitting time closes at two p.m. They told us to wait until office hours is over then they will bring us back to the emergency room. I really feel like crying at that time because I can’t even bring Elijah to a private hospital where they will assist us properly. There are nurses who assisted us very well there but most of them are like monsters, maybe because they should go over time because of us.

At 5 p.m Elijah was admitted to Gastroentritis Care Unit, Pedia Ward. There are lots of babies who suffered just the same with Elijah. We don’t have food, bedsheet, pillow, comforter or anything that is needed when admitted. Lloyd had to get back home and tell our housemates that we were not be able to go home. My cellphone was also dead so I didn’t have the chance to tell them what happened. Good thing, Elijah’s godparents sent him money as Christmas gift. We had enough money to buy medicines.

Elijah weighed less than .2 kilos than his usual weight. He cries every time doctors have to get his temperature and heart beat. He feels uncomfortable and wakes up from time to time when he heard babies crying. When the nurses had to put his dextrose, I went outside so that I won’t hear him crying but it’s too loud and my heart was broken into million pieces because I can’t stand hearing him cry without me by his side. I want to cry but I will only look stupid if I did that so I managed to take a very deep breath every time my tears  fell. If only I can bear all the pain Elijah is feeling so that I can see him smile and play everytime, I will.

After three days of pain, we were able to go home and will have our follow up check up on January 10, Monday.

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