Bathing Your Newborn

Elijah had his fist bath in our dining table. My mom did it for me, though I am excited, I am very scared that I might put soap in his eyes. With the help of a little basin with water, two towels, blanket and a bathing soap, all was well. It was rainy season and Baguio is coldest during those days so we have to bathe him quickly. Below are some of the procedures that will surely help in bathing your precious one for the first time.

  • set out all the necessary things needed for bath time (towel, blanket, basin with lukewarm water, wash cloth, no tear formula bath soap)
  • look for a warm place with flat surface (table is great for newborn’s bath time)
  • spread the blanket for your baby to lie on.
  • undress, wrap him/her with a towel and lay your baby on his/her back.
  • wash your baby’s scalp/head using the wet washcloth. Do NOT forget to wipe your baby’s face after and keep him close. ONLY expose the parts you are washing.
  • wash your baby’s fingers and toes, body and end with washing the genitals.
  • dry baby’s body using a dry towel.
  • dress him/her, put diaper and voila! you are done.

Remember that a newborn doesn’t need a tub to bathe with. It is recommended to have do sponge baths until the umbilical cord stumps fall off. -mayoclinic

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