Buying Furnitures

I am not excited to the changes that will happen soon inside our house. My eldest sister is now looking for a house for rent, not sure if they find one already. My youngest sister will move to my mom’s house in Bulacan and continue her studies her. Elijah, Lloyd and I will stay here to take care of my mom’s things. My sister has to bring the modern furniture and T.V she just bought last December.

I have to buy new living room furniture for ourselves because our sofa set is in my Grandmother’s house. Good thing mom will leave the refrigerator, a gift for her by my sisters, the digital stove, T.V and the computer to us. All I have to do is work hard for me to be able to pay our monthly rental, cable and internet fees and city services.

I am very lucky to have a family like this. A family who support me all the way despite of the fact that I am not good at them at times, a very loving sisters, a mother and a father to talk to whenever I have problems. Yes. It’s not the family that you are thinking of. We are not perfect. My real father is living with her sisters in the lowland, what I have here is not my biological father but who loves me like his own daughter.

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