Villas And Apartments

Renting a house is a big financial burden to almost everyone of us. Lucky are those who can buy their own house and lot and can afford to travel and rent luxury villas for a holiday.

I am not yet paying our house rent since my mom is the one paying. I know I must share but my blogging earnings is not enough to buy Elijah a pack of diaper. See? I don’t earn that much. I have to find more ways online to earn big because in a month or two I will be the responsible one to pay all our city services and rental fess. My youngest sister will be moving to Bulacan and continue her studies there while my eldest sister and her family will look for their own house. Elijah, Lloyd and I will stay here. I am thinking about having boarders so that they can share in the house rent. We have three bedrooms and we only need one, the other room is still for Lexene so that whenever they pay us a visit there still a room available for them, so there is only one left.

I am not sure if I can earn big to pay the fees that is why I am focusing in $4 a day.

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