How Blogging Affects Our Life

Blogging for me is not just a hobby. Yes. I admit that I don’t blog just for the sake of writing and the euphoric sense of happiness it brings to me whenever I see people relate to my blog post. I also blog to earn money and I am not ashamed of it. I’m a stay-at-home-19-year-old mom to my one year and five months unico hijo. Having a child at a very young age doesn’t entitle me to dependency on my mom anytime I want, that much I know.

Since I am a breastfeeding advocate, as stated in my earlier posts, I have to give up college life and wait for Elijah to stop breastfeeding before I go to school again. It’s not such a bad thing for me. In fact, I am very thankful that this happened to me because it made me think to work from home. My eldest sister who is a blogger and blog designer taught me how to blog on June 2010. I knew from that day on that I am going to blog because I want to earn. On August of the same year I got my very first blogging earnings. I am proud for the hundred dollars that I received from writing paid posts for my sister and joining contests online because I am able to celebrate my son’s very first birthday with my own hard work.

Our life is full of ups and down. I am not ashamed of it. There are times that we have to borrow money from our friends because we really don’t have anything. That was just last year and look us now.

I am able to give some of my son’s needs and wants because of blogging. My eldest sister was able to buy their own 32 Inch LCD TV, a big TV rack, a sala set, 2 computer sets with 24-inch LED monitors, a drawing tablet, a refrigerator for my mom, other miscellaneous stuff for the home and weekend treats for all of us. We are able to eat in fancy restaurants, we don’t have to ask my mom for allowance, we are able to pay the rent and city services on time and we are now residing in a secured subdivision. Now, we are able to enjoy most of the things that we only dream of before.

I already have four self-hosted blogs, two of them were given by two beautiful fellow Pinay Mommy Bloggers. My mom, my sister Rikka and Kuya Olan are also beginning to blog as well. It’s funny how blogging affects all of us in the family because even my youngest sister Lexene (9 years old) wants to earn money through blogging and wants her own domain. We are a family of bloggers, and we’re damn proud of it.

I don’t just share these things to you because I want to boast. We are not at the top, we are just one of those who can sustain our needs and wants because of blogging. I share this to inspire all the bloggers out there to continue believing in their skills in writing. To inspire those stay at homes that they can still earn through the internet if they are patient. Not all things come easily, especially in blogging. You need time, effort, motivation and of course patience to start earning online. I hope this blog post inspires all those who want to succeed in their life by going for what they want through hard work.

This is my official entry to Coolbuster ExtraBLOGanza Contest.

A winner will receive:

1st Prize: Php 10,000 + Domain + Ad spot for 3 months
2nd Prize: Php 6,000 + Ad spot for 2 months
3rd Prize: Php 4,000 + Ad spot for 1 month
Note: If winner is from outside the Philippines, conversion will be based on US dollar rate.
Winners will be contacted through their blog on how to claim the prize.


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301 Responses

  1. that was great…and nice prizes offered too…

    blogging indeed is a great advantage to everyone esp to moms staying at home and want to earn extra income…;)

  2. Hey there! I just read your post and I think you have a great chance of winning.
    BTW, do you have any tips of earning money through blogging? So far I’m only familiar with google adsense and nuffnang. I read something about “paid post”? I’m curious about it. Will love to hear more from you. :]

  3. It’s nice to find fellow young mommies in the blogging world. I used to just blog as a hobby, but now I’m looking into earning from this as well. With a baby coming, we’ll need the extra income. I wouldn’t want to depend on my parents as well.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You have inspired me. I’m on my way out the door. But I’ll be back to you site as often as I can. Keep up the good work.

  5. I admire moms who could find time to do things she is passionate about, plus earn from this. I hope I could also reach the stage of earning through blogging. 🙂

  6. awesome post. and one should never be ashamed to say you earn from blogging. why not? you worked hard for it. there are a lot of blogging purists who say paid blogging is ‘unethical’ but who cares.

    i too blog because I’m happy writing and its a great outlet for me and the money I earn is a big treat. You go girl!

  7. It’s nice to see a blogging family 🙂 I’m the only one who blogs in this house although when my parents finally retire, I think I’m going to convince them to start their own blogs too. They sure can tell a lot of stories from their many experiences.

  8. Hey friend best of luck N i will pray god that u win..And for sure my good n best wishes are with you always..:MAY GOD BLESS YOU”..Best luck

  9. Nice article. Shows that you have time to blog despite your busy schedule. This one can be made proud of and just continue what you have started. 🙂
    Hope you would make it in the contest.

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