Preparing your kids for school.

As a mom, I should think of my son’s future. I want him to have the best especially when it comes to education. I want him to have different experiences so that when the time comes that he have to go to school, he is ready.

I read different articles regarding kids in Psychology way back college. i have learned that to prepare Elijah for school, I have to read him books and let him understand what is it all about. Play finger games with him while singing nursery rhymes. Singing alphabet songs and point out on toys that help him remember and understand the alphabet. Take him to the playground, amusement parks or zoo and talk about the things you saw and did.

Let your child do what he wants as long as it will benefit him. Let him try different activities so that you will know where he excels. Learning is a process. Us moms should help our child in a way that school can’t offer.

Elijah loves to sing and dance when he heard music. In that case, I will support him by downloading more music and buying him musical instruments like guitar, trumpet and drums.

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