Business Minded

My sister and I wants to have our own mini store where we can supply the people in our subdivisions needs. The nearest store is not near. It’s the only available mini store in our subdivision and we have to walk for three minutes. Imagine, we will walk for three minutes if the only thing we will buy is one sachet of shampoo. It’s very tiring. What we do is buy all the things we need in the local grocery store so there is no need for us to buy in the nearest store. The woman who manages the store is ill-tempered. I know it’s bad but she doesn’t reply to me whenever I say thank you and I have to wait too long because she is watching her favorite movie. The prices of her goods in unreasonable.

As soon as our savings are enough, we will surely build our very own store with reasonable prices. And if we need to upgrade it into a mini grocery, then we will as long as our budget is enough. I think we need to have a a space like storage Edinburgh.

I am dreaming of having a business in any form and for that to happen, I should trust my instinct and be fair with .

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