Cleaning The House

We just bought new things needed for our house today like new shower curtains and pillow covers, next week we will purchase the set of pots and frying pans we saw in a local supermarket here in our place for only less than a hundred dollars. Our original plan is that I will buy a frying pan then my sister K will buy the pot.

We have to buy new cooking stuffs for our kitchen. We bought a induction cooker last December but until now we are only using it for heating water. We are still using the gas range because our cooking utensils are not suitable for the electronic cooker. It displays an error message whenever we try to put a frying pan there. The gas is getting expensive and we don’t want to pay for it every three months. Instead of using gas tanks which is now unreasonable to buy, we will buy the set of pots and pans we saw. I wish we can purchase everything online like the made to measure blinds online. It’s much faster and we don’t have to wait and fall in line just to get a taxi. It’s irritating when lots of people are trying to get the taxi that is supposed to be mine.

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