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My partner Lloyd and I both work online. He buy and sells stuff as part of his sideline and while I blog on the side, I am planning to open my very own online shop soon for additional income. Lloyd is currently selling his aunt’s car. We talked about getting our own car but this Honda Civic for sale is a bit pricey for me so I have no choice but to look for a much cheaper car.

We are currently browsing different buy and sell Philippines websites hoping to find a cheaper house and car for sale.  It would be nice if we already have our own house and lot since mom will retire from her work soon and she’s planning to stay with us.

I already read information about most popular Honda cars and I don’t think I can afford to buy a Honda. We need our own means of transportation badly since we are too far from the main road. I hope my Paypal funds will be enough to pay the initial payment of the car I saw in Ayosdito. It can be our family car and I hope it will still be for sale when I accumulate enough funds to buy it. But if not, I can settle for something similar that fits my budget.

Whatever happens, my goal is to buy our own means of transport before my son Elijah starts studying.

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23 Responses

  1. Having your own car is really becoming a necessity these days, especially if you have kids. It’s good that we have options to get used cars which are of good quality, and at a reasonable price.

  2. we’re also looking for a car at AyosDito to replace the one we’ve been using for what seems like forever. hope we both find great buys here.

  3. good luck on your plan to set up an online business, sis…
    a site like AyosDito can also help you find the car that you need at an affordable price.

  4. i’ve been an online buyer but i never tried to buy a car online…like you, I wish my paypal fund is enough to buy a car..

  5. Online selling and buying has been our way of buying for 6 years now, really good especially if you’ve established a good circle of customers…

  6. i have tried buying from online sellers before but i never had a purchase as big as a car, but am sure there are loads of trusted sellers out there, you just have to practice discretion + feedbacks from previous buyers do count a lot!

    jared’s dad recently bought a honda civic car + he frequented a lot of online seller sites before making his purchase 😉

  7. i have bought items thru online selling, so far, okay naman. you just have to personally contact the seller so that you’ll know if it’s legit or not.

  8. Honestly, mas maraming choices online. We have just to be careful in choosing those legit sellers and buyers. Like you, sis I also prefer to buy/sell online.

  9. I have tried selling online and was a buyer most of the time. It has its own perks as well as its own downside. Good thing I haven’t chanced upon bad buyers/sellers.

  10. that sounds like a really good idea. I’m curious as to how it really works. I might try that too, as I want to get involved in as many money-making schemes as possible…yes, as long as they’re legit 🙂

  11. buying online is cheaper compared to going to the store yourself. The only disadvantage is that you cannot check the item physically before buying it which sometimes ends up paying more than usual. Just be very careful in buying items online and transact only to the trusted sites out there!

  12. well, dati takot ako na mag buy and sell online kasi nga ang daming scams, we can’t trust people we deal everyday, lalo na mahirap i trust ang di mo nakikita. but I am glad that there are legit online stores ngayon 🙂

  13. buy and sell online is much easier.. as long as we find legit customers 🙂 i have been buying books online recently too…

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