Day Dreaming

It’s raining hard outside today and I don’t know why. It’s only March and it’s supposed to be sunny since summer is almost here. My family and I usually spend summer vacation in my grandmother’s place. It’s a reunion for us since almost all my relatives are there too.

This year, I am not sure if we are going down there because Lloyd and I are now working online. Before, we can go anywhere we want because we don’t have jobs back then and my mom or my eldest sister paid for our fare.

I guess a good day dreaming in Villa Spain or Villas in Spain is enough for me. I wanted to travel with family. For me, it’s also a way of communicating. We can share ideas on what we experienced and tell trivia on what we just see in a particular place.

Traveling outside the country means big expenses. For now, we can’t afford to travel anywhere since our earnings can only supply our needs. Maybe a year or two, I can share pictures of the places we visit. But for now, please bear with my day dreams and wants as I post it here in my blog.


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