Summer is almost here but it’s raining. My laundries have no any sign that they will dry soon. I let our clothes dry up under the sun, one way of saving electricity.

Last month, we go to a beach and had fun even if it was raining. There are big boats everywhere because fishermen are using it to catch fresh fish to sell in public markets. We bought one fish and I don’t know its name since it was the very first time I encountered it. It’s bigger and longer than my elbows. When we were on our way home, everyone was so amazed with our fish.

It’s not a private resort so we didn’t have the chance to ride a boat like the one we can see in canal boat holidays. Private resorts offer boat trips, not sure about the price and where will the boatman brings you. All I know is that he will tour you to the clearest water where you can see species under water.

The waves are really big that you can bring your surfing board. I am not good in dealing with waves so I was only playing in the sand with my son. We will surely go back there.

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