Elijah The Builder

My son Elijah who just turned 1 year and 6 months yesterday is building towers with the use of my sister’s Play Doh Clay bottle. He loves to put everything on top of his bottle then destroy it afterwards. It’s his kind of game and I guess every child did this when they are in this stage. I wanna buy him bricks so he can use it to make towers but i don’t know where to buy cheap bricks here in Baguio City. Maybe I’ll look in bargain shops when I have the time.

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One Response

  1. hi mommy phoebe. i wasn’t able to buy bricks for my little boy noon. ewan ko kung bakit…hehehe.siguro takot akong baka itapon nya yung mga bricks (wooden or plastic) tapos mabiyak yung tv or ibang appliances…hahahaha! i just bought him books… visiting you here…

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