My Most Memorable Moment As A Mother

Every single second with my son Elijah is memorable to me. He made me realize how wonderful life is. For those who are not reading my blog, I got Elijah when I was in my second year college. I thought God was punishing me for too much night partying that I have. I didn’t know what to do then. I can’t think properly. I can’t even tell my mom that I am pregnant.

fresh from nursery room

After seeing Elijah for the very first time, everything changed. I WAS WRONG. God was not punishing me. He just gave me the biggest blessing I never imagined to have.

My Baguio Centennial Boy is now 1 year and 8 months.

Elijah knows everyone in our house. He can recognize their voice, face and body built but not me. He just smile and say hi to me as if I’m a stranger to him. He can say everything but not Mama. It hurts a lot since I am the one who breastfeed him and we are together 24 hours a day. He learns very fast but he can’t say Mama. But last May 16, 2011, the boy who will conquer every milk in the world called me MAMA. I felt like crying because after how many months he knows I am not Tita Aija, Dede Man or Ayie anymore. I am now his MAMA. He calls me Mama whenever he wakes up every morning and before we sleep at night.

My most memorable moment as Elijah’s mum is when he called me Mama.


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261 Responses

  1. Super sarap talaga ng feeling when they learn to call you Mama, Mommy or Mom for the first time. Kakatunaw ng puso noh? Kisses to Elijah and hope he’s better na!

  2. go go go! aja aja! pasok pa comment ko wala pang 12am e. wahaha! lagot ako ke jadey ngayon lng ako nagcocomment. bwahaha!

    go aijah! pangmamati natin yan madami ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. tito earl. yan ang una nyang sinabi. binulong nya sakin dati nung anjan kami! bwahaha! kala mo a. kilala nya ako agad. wehe. pero seryoso, gudlak sa kontes. sana manalo. paburger ka a?

  4. weeeeee!! lapit na tapos contest! i hope makahabol pa itong comment ko! touching naman si baby mo. nakakatuwa tlga mga babies when they learn to call us/recognize us as their mother *hugs*

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