And The Winners Are…


Rikka Bren Villaster – 7 points
* didn’t make a wallpost and liked FB pages.

Mela – 11 points
* didn’t make a wallpost. Profile not in public.

Camille Quiambao – 12 points
* Didn’t tag Pinay Mama and Sqwishland properly. Didn’t indicate who she referred.

Maria Theresa Marcaida – 11 points
* wall post is not available.

Divine – 11 points
* no post in twitter.

Cornelio Mallare – 13 points
* completed

Elinor Semira – 13 points
* completed

Cristina – 13 points
* completed

Czaroma – 13 points
* completed

Giay – 13 points
* completed

Mary Rose – 13 points
* completed

Maricel – 13 points
* completed

Ricafs – 13 points
* completed

Jared – 13 points
* completed

Kat S-C – 13 points
* completed

Pinay Mommy Online – 13 points
* completed

Jes Lising – 13 points
* completed

Emiliana – 13 points
* completed

Rachel Anne – 13 points
* completed

Michelle Aleli – 13 points
* completed

** Since I can’t give Sqwishland giveaways to my 15 highest pointers, I chose my two lucky winners via 🙂




Winning is not that easy especially if it’s a random drawing but lucky for those who keeps on winning whether its by points or random draw. For me, I just don’t depend my future in joining online contests because I don’t have luck in any way. I have to study well and look for a decent job with regular wage so looking up to Guide to Online Schools is what I do during my free time. I wanted to go schooling even if I am still breastfeeding. There is also a site dedicated about how to apply for student loans. Of course, I am still joining contests because I love it, it’s just I don’t depend our bills payment on it.


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  1. =( i did’nt win i hope next time maka brag naman ng winning but anyway congrats to the two mom Kat S-C and sis jaredsmum.=)

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