Reminiscing With My Sister

My Eldest sister and I went out today to claim  our packages from a bus company and did some grocery shopping. It was very tiring specially when we were waiting for the taxi to arrive. It took one hour before we finally get a cab, thanks God because we were very hungry.

Upon waiting, we talked about blogging, our newly opened online store and the camera she’s going to buy. My sister is earning much more than I am. She shoulders the food expenses, bills, rent and anything that you can imagine. I help her in paying internet, utility and house rent. I pay half of the fee but not all the times. I am thinking of new ways to earn since I can’t find a day job for me because I am still breastfeeding. We are not asking any financial help from mom since my youngest sister is still studying. I want to help mom by giving my younger sister her monthly allowance but not for now. I will but not for now because Elijah is still using diapers and planning to give him formula milk. Another expense but it’s okay since I know we will both benefit from my idea. I can leave the house to look for a job or go back schooling.

My first blog was created last June 2010. My eldest sister gave it to me as an investment. She wanted me to have my own money so I don’t ask mom or dad for it. With her patience, I learned. I made another blog for my son in blogspot but transferred it in wordpress afterwards. Now, I have four blogs on it’s own domain in different niche and am proud to say that I am earning decently from them. With my very first earning, I bought my son a feeding bottle.

My sisters and I surprised mom on her 50th birthday. We knew how bad she wanted to have fridge freezers at home because our food get spoiled easily. We didn’t bring our refrigerator, bedroom and living room furniture sets upon moving here because the truck we rented was small. We brought only those important things and left everything to my grandma. We are now on our fourth year here in the City of Pines and i can say that we are now stable. Thanks to our online income. I bought frying pans for our newly bought induction cooker with my second earning. I wish to help in paying bills regularly so I am thinking of new ways to earn online and offline.

By simply waiting for the taxi cab to arrive, we learned from what we have gone through and will keep it as a lesson.


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