Techy Baby

Elijah is tech savvy. He knows how to use the computer, cellphone and iPod without supervising him. Just give him any kind of gadget and I know he will explore it all by himself.

Lloyd and I were surprised about the print screen thing Elijah did months ago in the iPod. We are not aware that it can also happen in this gadget, of course Elijah won’t tell us how he did it. I have to ask someone if it’s possible to print the screen. She said yes and I have to hold on the black button below and power button above. I tried it for myself and it really works. What made me think now is how Elijah managed to hold on two buttons at the same time?

Elijah is also fond of Dance Revo. He can’t stop himself from dancing whenever he’s infront of it. the source sells ps3 slim and I am thinking of buying one for my son since it’s his birthday tomorrow. For the dance revo, he can visit the mall and play with it.

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