Service Crew

When I was in college, I always think of getting a part-time job for myself so I can sustain my allowance. As much as possible, I don’t want to ask money from my mom because it was a hard time for us during those days. I applied as a library student assistant during my second year and it was great because I was able to manage my time. I still find time for myself even though there are lots of group meetings, sorority meetings, projects and homework. I can’t imagine how did I do that.

I also look for Food Service Jobs in town, asked my eldest sister to help me in my resume and submitted all my printed copies in any hiring fast food restaurant that I saw. Got no luck in any of those but still thankful because I just realized that I can’t do that kind of job due to my clumsiness.

I salute all the service crew for doing all their best not to spill the food when they deliver it to their costumer’s table, for being patient when the costumer says too much negative about the restaurant. They don’t receive much compensation from their work but I guess being happy with workmates keeps them going.

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