Love Your Home

We all wanted a goodnight sleep after a tiring day. I am already imagining a soft white bed, latex mattress is the best example I have in mind, not too soft pillows and a very thick comforter. Okay. These bed room things are far from what we have but I am still very thankful because we can sleep soundly and comfortably at night and safe from anything. I can say that our bed room is the safest place we have here in our house.

Not all of us can have a house or a home where a family family lives. Some are staying in the squatter’s area, in the park or even in sidewalks. Imagine how they fight the cold when it’s raining and how they cook, take a bath and eat properly. We always complain for what we have but take time to think of others condition. We are truly blessed even though we are using kapok fiber bed and hard pillows.

Let’s all be thankful for everything.

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