A House To Call My Own

My sister and I are sharing expenses here in our house. From food to internet bills, we share and sometimes she pays for it because I don’t have enough. Because of her dedication to web design, most of our furniture are from her own pocket. I idolized her for that and wishes I can buy quality bedroom furniture because most of the things we used are not ours. If given a chance, I wanna ask my aunt who lives in London to purchase some furniture in The White Company because I find their furniture’s beautiful.

My sister already gave her sofa set to us because she is eyeing a new set which is way cooler and pretty than the one we have now. I assumed it’s an advance wedding gift for us. Kidding aside, I owed everything to my family specially my mom and siblings. I don’t think I can survive without them.

I want to have a house where we can call it our own. We don’t need fancy furniture and expensive stuffs as long as we are happy and together.

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