Birthday Gift For Myself

Since I got Elijah, i never had the chance to buy anything for myself. Even a slipper that costs 100php below. Why? Simply because I always think about my son first. Instead of buying myself a new shoes or dress, I’ll buy Elijah cookies or anything that he needs at the moment. I don’t care if I don’t have brand new stuffs as long as I can see my son happy for what he have.

Two months to go and I will be 21. I want to buy an oven for myself. I wanna try baking and sell cookies or cakes for a living. Isn’t it great? I can give Elijah not only his needs but also what he wants. I may not ready for a big business like restaurant or bakery but I know someday I can buy restaurant supplies too with my own money. I am very excited what 2011 will bring to our family and I am feeling positive about it.

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3 Responses

  1. happy birthday, sis!

    i feel you. most of my new stuffs i got from freebies + giveaways! i seldom buy things for myself, too, well except for postcards, perhaps ^_^

    one of the things i’d love to have this christmas, if given the chance, is an oven, i’d love to learn how to bake. i’d make Jared cookies + pies + whatnots. I just hope he’ll be too inclined to eat them all…

    I hope you get your birthday wish…

  2. advance happy birthday!my, you’re very young!

    I can relate to your post since I feel and do the same way, I seldom or not at all buy anything for myself since I became a mom. I prioritize my baby’s needs.

    Good luck on your future endeavor with baking, great things start from small beginnings.same way here I because I also like to venture into baking someday.

    by the way I have shared an award with you-check this out

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