Weaning – Day 8

I can’t believe it’s already eight days now with no milk all day. Thumbs up for you son! Last night was very hard. He cried all night because he can’t breastfeed for I put some garlic in my breast. Poor kid. I am a bit irritated because our neighbor might scold us for not stopping Elijah when he cries. Irritated for a while but I can;t be like that for the whole time so I decided to bring him in the kitchen and gave him a hotdog. We were talking in a very low voice in front of the computer. Both of us are eating dinner while playing his lullaby to keep him calm. Thanks God it worked.

He needs milk every night and he can’t stop immediately. A friend told me that he is into “withdrawal” because he is not eating. The poor kid doesn’t want to eat his favorite food and doesn’t get milk from me during the day. I wanna start all over again and give him milk whenever he wants but I think it will be harder for the two of us to stop him if we do that. I need patience and courage to do this everyday.

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2 Responses

  1. You’re definitely doing a good job as a mom! At first it’s hard to cause you’re son is into breast feeding. But sooner, you both will be able to adapt. That’s for sure.

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