On Giving Birth

I gave birth two years ago thru ceasarean section and still undergo labor from 8 pm to 5 am. I know from the very start that I can’t give normal birth, I am afraid and unsure of what will happen to me. Yes. I thought about myself and the pain I will receive after giving birth, never thought about the bills we have to pay. I am so selfish but what can I do? I just can’t undergo normal birth.

Even today, when I am watching movies or television series that shows a pregnant women, I can’t help but push also. I can feel their pain especially if they don’t have any anesthesia. Lucky for me that I didn’t push so hard on my delivery but I suffer a lot after that. I have to walk even if my stitches really hurts.

The feeling of giving birth is something that us mothers should be proud of. Not all women can have the chance to be pregnant. Not all of us can experience it. We may have different levels of pain depending on where, how we give birth but it’s all the same. Kudos to those who didn’t use anesthesia and tried giving birth normally.

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