Weaning – Day 4

Nothing important happened today, just our usual daily routine. Elijah didn’t ask for milk from morning ’til night (past 9 pm). He can’t sleep on his own so we have to turn off the lights and the computer so he can see no lights at all. Everyone of us is lying in the bed waiting for him to close his eyes. He keeps on rolling from here and there and squeezing my nipple, whenever I ask him if he wants, he would yell No. What a very nice kid.

It only takes him half an hour to sleep because he didn’t sleep in the afternoon. He didn’t ate rice that much. I cooked fish and tofu which are his favorite but he ignored it. It seems he is not in the mood to eat. Waaa! He asks for milk during midnight. I hope tomorrow will be a different day for us. Hoping that he will stop totally but we are only on our fourth day so I don’t want to expect that much.

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  1. i am quite anxious and worried as to when will i wean my baby. he’s 5 months now and he uses his feeding time as his pacifier… waaahh… hopping here.

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