Weaning – Day 1

My mind is already set that when December comes, I will start weaning Elijah even how long and hard it takes. Yes, I did it today and hoping for a positive result. I read articles online and even asked some fellow bloggers how they did it.

Elijah didn’t ask for his milk in the morning so I decided to put ginger in my milk bag. Afternoon came and Elijah is very sleepy. He wants milk so I give it to him without saying NO. When he tasted it, he never asked for more. Haha! Way to go! I made a chocolate milk drink for him and good thing he wants it.  He is now calling it CHOCOLATE MILK DEDE. Drank two glass in the afternoon and one at night. Ate cookies, rice and anything he can see on our table.

I breastfeed him at night so he can sleep soundly. He’ll surely learn.

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