Weaning – Day 15

I can’t write about our daily experience about weaning because there is no progress at all. He is not breastfeeding during the day but asks for milk every midnight about three to four times until he wakes up. I don’t know if I should stop him breastfeeding in midnight but I am not sure how it works and it will be going harder this time. I told my mom that I am not breastfeeding Elijah during the day anymore and she’s mad at me. Not that much but she is expecting me to breastfeed until Elijah stops by himself. I told her that when he gets older, it will be harder for him to stop. Good thing Elijah is now eating a lot. He is not ignoring the foods I cook but he doesn’t want chocolate milk drink anymore. I wonder what to do with the milk I bought him. Hmmmm.

In two to three months he will surely stop. I am not in a hurry. We should enjoy each breastfeeding moments. 🙂

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