Weaning – Day 43

I only breastfeed Elijah once or twice a day since we went home last January 6. If he’s not going to sleep in the afternoon then no milk for him. He doesn’t want formula milk but loves the taste of chocolate drinks. I give him two bottles a day or whenever he wants it.

Elijah has a cold but I never give him any medicine because he doesn’t like the taste. I massage him every night and put oil every now and then at his back. Good thing his appetite is not affected. He still eat a lot and drink as much as he can.

There are times that he wants to try the sipping cup, it’s rubber so I guess he finds it uncool. He bite it and sometimes sip it. He’s playing around but I know time will come that he’ll love silicon and we will never have hard time asking if he wants to drink in a bottle.

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