Home Safety Tips

Keeping my son safe is one of my responsibility as his mother that is why I have to keep my eyes on him every single second. Elijah is still on the stage of exploration. He loves to check all the corners of the house, enter the bathroom when no one is looking, drink water for himself without asking for any help.

Toddlers love to run anywhere as long as they want and Elijah is a living proof. He will run very fast and bump his head on any furniture that he meets and sometimes slip in the floor. I suggest that all household with babies should use furniture with round edges made of soft material. If you have cabin furniture, put corner guards to it as well as in all sharp and hard edges to avoid injury. All chairs should be under the table so kids won’t climb on it. Check all the hanging cabinets if they are properly installed and put all the sharp objects, glasses, hazardous materials out of reach of children. Always keep the floor dry and electrical cords out of sight.

We, parents have to provide our kids with safe environment and it all starts with planning carefully.

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