Tips For Choosing Maternity Dresses

My only expenses during pregnancy were vitamins and milk. We didn’t buy any newborn clothes for Elijah or new maternity dresses for me. Elijah’s clothes and blanket were all from my sorority sister, I used my mom’s clothes so it can fit me and although I felt gestational cravings from time to time, I never asked for it because I know my it will pass and go.

Pregnancy is not about being expensive outside, it’s about sharing a healthy lifestyle with the little one inside our tummy.

They say that when a woman is having a baby girl, they always wanted to be beautiful and when woman is having a baby boy, she doesn’t care about her looks. Not sure if it’s true but I do believe that women still wants to look good even if their tummies are big. Don’t force yourself to fit in your old clothes because you will probably get twice of your weight. Instead of wearing jeans, try leggings. It’s much comfortable.

Remember that pregnancy is only for nine months so there is no need to fill your wardrobe with lots of it even if you are planning to get pregnant at the soonest possible time. Start buying maternity dresses on your fourth or fifth month because it is the time when baby bumps shows. Also keep in mind that you can still use those dresses even after giving birth because it will take time before you go back to your old weight. It’s not always summer season so make sure that the clothes you choose is suitable for all kinds of season. Always choose comfort over style so you don’t have to regret buying maternity clothes which do not fit you.

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