My Mom, My Hero

I came from a broken family and gave birth at the age of nineteen but that doesn’t mean I was not raised well by my mom. It’s my own decision to have a child of my own at a very young age and I know exactly how hard it is to be a mother because I’ve seen all the hardship my mom went through. She never showed me that I was a disgrace to the family and supported me all the way. Even my relatives never let me feel that way. My siblings and I are very lucky to have our mom. She may look strict and bad but she can be the most crazy and outgoing mother you’ll ever know.

I wanted to be like her. She is a real public servant. She finds time for us despite of her busy schedule. She raised us and brought us to school without asking for anything in return. She just want us to be happy with our lives and always remember all the things she taught us. With all the heart aches and head aches that I gave to her, saying sorry won’t be enough. I will try to be the best mother to Elijah just like what she does to us.

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