The Lingerie Football League

When you think of people who play American Football you tend to think of the crowd being mostly made up of men. However there is a new sport in town and one that’s dominated by women. The Lingerie Football League recently started and gives women the chance to take in playing American Football in sexy and erotic lingerie.

Gone are the days where women limit themselves to just carrying out household chores, they have more options available to them for taking part in some of the more aggressive sports that, back in the day, only men were allowed to play.

The league was founded by Mitch Mortaza in 2009 who opened up the doors to this aggressive sport to women and since then there’s been a massive buzz building up around, in fact the sheer popularity of this sport continues to snowball. In the news recently the Lingerie Football league announced they are looking for more players to help form a Winnipeg-based team. The LFL will go to Canada without a Winnipeg team because they are not allowed to use MTS Centre for games.

We may have different views about the sport and the uniforms however let us keep in mind that the players, who take part, know the dangers and although they may get hurt playing the sport they’re not hurting anyone else.

The skimpy uniform’s that the players wear was always going to bring controversy and attention to the sport; I mean you don’t usually associate lingerie as a team’s uniform do you? Anyone can get themselves a lingerie set, just visit any adult shop and you’ll find hundreds of products readily available. You could even start your own Football Team. 🙂

All in all the fans of the LFL seem happy and are growing rapidly so the sport is doing something right in creating a huge crowd and following.

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11 Responses

  1. i should agree with you, so long as they are not hurting (physically) anybody, i say a go with their chosen interest. i just couldn’t imagine how the church would react 🙂

    (see u)

  2. wow, there is such (erotic lingerie players) unique naman! And you’re also true.. di lahat ng tao open sa ganyan. But times are changing.

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