Mommy Bloggers Quick Ideas: Week 1

Being a mom is a tough job. There are no resignation options and receives no monetary compensation for taking care of our children.

We, mothers do not know everything. We don’t know how to change diapers until our first born poops or wee. We learn from experiences and certainly ask from other mommies about anything regarding mommyhood. Researching is a part of our job so don’t worry because I will bring you informational articles every single day.

You just learned that you are pregnant, so what’s next? Going to a doctor is the best thing to do to make sure you and your baby are fine. There are lots of things going through your mind like questions that have something to do about eating while pregnant, prenatal vitamins and so much more. Ask your doctor all the things you wanna know and enjoy your pregnancy journey.

Parenting a toddler is like giving birth, it is painful and rewarding. Kids are different so there is no need to compare your child to another because they are special in their own way. But if you are not confident with the skills your child is showing then an early intervention service is what you need to know if there is really a developmental delay or not.

Understanding parenthood is not that easy. Both parents and kids need to have a frequent and good communication in order to understand each other. Kids may think that they are restricted for no reasons, they have to know the reason behind the do’s and don’ts by having an open relationship with their parents. Let us not wait for the time that they have to be a parent themselves before they understand.

Keeping our kids safe and sound is our primary concern. To keep them healthy is not as easy as ABC. They get sick even if we think we do our best in keeping them healthy. Kids are prone to viral infection and to prevent coughs and colds, we have to keep them hydrated and give vitamins. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

When school days are over, the first thing to enter a kid’s mind is to enjoy the water. Swimming can really take away the stress brought by home works, projects and exams but can they be safe in the pool with no adult supervision? As early as  possible, we have to bring our kids in a swimming lesson so that they will know not only the basic swimming techniques but also to be prepare if ever a drowning situation happens.

When I was a kid, there were computer games already but I enjoyed playing games like running or hide and seek with my cousins and neighbors. Today, even toddlers have their own iPad or iPod. Kids are no longer playing outside and prefer to watch cartoons on T.V or play online games. Gadgets and kids are like best friends. Kids cannot live a day without their gadgets. They have to appreciate playing and exploring the outside world like what we did before.

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