Miniature Pinscher for Family with Kids

Batas, a miniature pinscher was our pet dog. He was very hyper and demanded too much attention from us. He even wanted to sleep beside us. It’s very funny because there are times that he will bark on Elijah and me when Lloyd is around, he’s jealous I guess. When we leave him inside the room, he will bark endlessly to catch our attention. When he is in the living room, he loves to play that will cause the kids to scream and shout. I can’t hold him because his coat is not that thick, I prefer chowchow with thick coats. 🙂

I guess a miniature pinscher pet is not suitable for a busy family with toddlers. They are really sweet but needs constant attention from the owner. Well, if you can handle the minpin’s active lifestyle then I guess it’s okay for you to have one. In our case, we cannot add a pet dog to our family that needs much attention. We all work online and the only break that we have is to do the household chores and play with the kids.

We sold Batas after a month if I remember it right. We missed him very much. The kids called him “baby brother dog”. He is our baby since he was only three months old when we bought him. I wonder when he is now. I hope his new owner is taking care of him like we do. His toys and other stuffs are still here.

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