Cloth Diaper

Cloth diapers are used before disposable diapers were invented. Using cloth than disposable is much healthier than disposables. Using cloth diapers lessen the chance of having skin rashes because of the natural cotton fibers. Once the baby poops you can laundry and use it again when it dries. Kids who are using cloth diaper are tend to toilet train earlier because the cloth holds the moisture close to your kid’s skin. It is much cheaper and environment-friendly. It offers our baby more comfort. One of the most obvious reason is that it is reusable. No need to hurry to the nearby grocery store when you’re out of stock.

There are three basic styles of cloth diapers nowadays. The Flat, Fitted and All-in-ones.

Flat diapers (lampin) are the most handy. You just have to fold it in any way that your baby will feel comfortable and secure it with a pin.

Fitted diapers are like disposable diapers. Their shape are just the same. No need to fold it. It already has closures so that you can just attach it to your baby.

All-in-ones diaper are the easiest to use. Since the name suggests, there is no need to add another diaper cover anymore. But it is difficult to wash and take a long time to dry.

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