Gaining Weight Consistently

I am currently weighing 63 kilos. From 49 kilos two years ago, I am now officially over weight. Everybody tells me I am fat but my mirror is not saying the same thing. I look thin whenever I look at the mirror. Is it just me?

Well, I do eat a lot and it’s one of the factor why I gain too much weight. They say I am like a pregnant woman, gaining one kilo or more every month. I cook good food, you can’t tell me not to eat. There was this time that I gain almost 6 kilos in 3 months! That was my fifth DMPA shot if I am not mistaken. I felt happy when I was finally gaining weight but not anymore when I’m over the ideal weight for 5″1 asian female weight which is 54 kilos. Now my problem is how to lose weight. How ironic. I wanted to gain weight and now that I do, I want to lose weight already.

Losing weight is my problem since December last year. I tried taking slimming pills and it worked but I had a heavy menstruation so I stopped taking it. I also learned that it has ingredients like amphetamine, sibutramine, or steroids that may present significant risk to those who will take it. I threw the two bottles I bought right away when I heard the news.

 This is the most recent and decent photo that I have. Never mind my face.

This December, I will try to use A.C.E, an appetite suppressant that costs $60 per bottle that I bought in the U.S. I bought two because shipping is quite expensive. They say it helps lower blood pressure and the likes. I’m gonna try it and crossing my fingers that I can achieve my target weight which is 119 pounds.


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  1. I’m also planning to lose weight even though many might say that I’m not fat. I think i’m just not comfortable with my weight. I used to be just 106lbs..

  2. It’s been a problem of mine too for the last two years. For now, I’ve managed to take down some pounds but I still need more to lose. I’m sure it won’t be hard for you because looking at this recent picture of yours, you aren’t bulgy, you are just healthy.

  3. You don’t look overweight in this photo. But goodluck to ACE. I am also interested on that but it’s too expensive for someone who is earning in pesos. ^^

  4. Weight is one of my concern as I go older too 🙂 I noticed my metabolism is low and I am packing the pounds already. I need to continue my exercise regimen 🙂

  5. Honestly? you don’t look that fat to me!! I guess the important thing is that you are eating healthy, and do some exercise, too. Personally I am quite scared to take pills unless recommended by the doctor.

  6. Good luck to you mommy. Just be aware of what you eat though and I know you already know the type of food that you have to eat when you want to loose the weight. I know it is not that easy. After we go through pregnancy and giving birth, there are a lot of changes that go on in our body and gaining weight sure is one of that. It takes determination, discipline and inspiration to start the weight loss journey. I am sure you can do it. Writing a food journal also helps mommy and be sure to always be honest with your journal and write every food that you ate that day. It will help you keep track of what you eat, then once you read it and goes through the list of food that you ate that day, you can slowly change your eating habit one day at a time. It won’t be easy, but the reward is wonderful. 🙂

  7. Oh boy! you are not alone in this kind of battle, there’s a lot of us lol. But i weight more than you are (a little) and yes i am constantly battling my weight. It’s hard especially during winter season when all we can think of is eat and cuddle in a nice and warm cozy couch

  8. same dilemma. SOme says I gained weight, but I can’t see it or feel it.. But everytime I checked my photos 2 years ago, that’s the time narerealized ko n I really gained weight

  9. I never bothered checking my weight but I’m pretty sure we have the same built now, I’m 5′ by the way. Let me know if this method is effective for you, I promised myself that I will lose weight, last year! It’s almost the next year now, wala pa ring nangyari. 🙁

  10. I really envy those who wished to loose their weight. Why? Because all my life, I only gain weight if I am pregnant and I hate it. 🙁 I do eat a lot. Yeah, a lot but then… it seems nothing changes. And the worst, Im getting thinner compare when I was in HS. Anyway, you can try regular exercise though. 😉

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