Norifam Injectable Contraceptive

Norifam injection is a combination of two hormones Northisterone and Estradiol Valerate. Northisterone is a man-made form of progesterone that has number of uses. Low dose tablets are used to prevent pregnancy, medium dose tablets are used to treat heavy periods and high dose tablets are used to treat breast cancer and other female cancers. Estradiol Valerate is a prescription hormone replacement medication that contains estrogen.

Norifam is inidicated to prevent pregnancy. Your first Norifam injection shuld be on the first day of your menstrual cycle. The recommended dose is one (1) injection that is good for thirty days. A vaginal bleeding will occur one or two weeks after the first injection, this is normal.

Your ability to conceive will be back usually within 60 days after you last Norifam injection. Clinical check-ups should be done about every six months during the use of Norifam.

You should discontinue the use of Norifam if you have frequent occurrence of unusual severe headaches, unusual pain or swelling of the legs, tightness in the chest, hepatitis, onset jaundice, itching over the whole body, significant rise in blood pressure, increase in the frequency of epileptic seizure and pregnancy.


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  1. May side effect po ba kakaturok lang sakin ng norifam tpos kinagabhan nag aya c mister safe pa po ba yun?

  2. normal ba yung saken?
    lage talaga ako dinadatnan, simula nung na gumamit ako nang NORIFAM😔
    normal batong side effect niya?or hindi?
    kase kinakabahan nako eh
    mag papa check nang ako kase hindi kona alam yung gagawin ko😭
    sana naman may doctor dito na maka oag advice saken kase first timer kase ako😭

  3. Hi after po ba mag inject ng norifam (1st day of period) sa susunod na mga araw continue pa rin ang menstrual mo or magstop xa after 24hrs?

  4. My ob told me that i shud shift from depo shot to norifam becoz i have prolonged bleeding days. Today is my schedule for norifam shot but i dnt have menstruation, am i still safe?

  5. hi! ask lang po. i had my last injection of norifam last Dec 18.nagkaron ako last jan and feb ng normal mens pero nung 4th week ng feb my spotting ulit ako. ngayong march dipa ako dinadatnan. Is it normal?

    1. Yeah normal daw sya it means maganda daw po effect ni norifam sa katawan ako ata 2 weeks nag bleed after naging normal mens ko 14th shot ko na

    1. Dipende sa sasabihin ng OB mo. Norifam ako after ko manganak sa 2nd baby ko. Nag used ako for like 6months nag stop ako kasi di naman Kami active ng asawa ko. And now bumalik ako nagpa inject na ulit ako. Checheck muna ng OB mo if pwede ka turukan to make sure na di ka buntis. Pero pwede ka ma injectionan kahit wala ka pa period. Ganun sakin ngayon. Pero advice ka lang ng OB mo na dapat after 2weeks of injection magkaka period ka. And mababago na yung cycle ng period mo kung papa inject ka ng wala pang regla.

  6. I had a shot last may 16..and got my period june 8.. My next shot should be june 13-15.. But i got it june 18 already.. I had sex with my husband june 16..i was wondering if i am pregnant at this time? July 8, coz i dont have my period yet

  7. On my first inject nagkamens naman ako after 2weeks pero nung second month Hnd pa ko nagkakaroon normal po ba yun..

  8. goodday..why I have white spot in my arm surrounded by the injection area after injecting this.. please answer. I’m a norifam user since 3 yrs..

  9. Hello po, just wanna ask nagpainject po ako today ng norifam, and i know that it was good to inject from 1st to 5th day of your mens cycle, and i thought that today is my last day of mens, but when i check my napkin i dont have any stain of blood on my napkin, is it ok and is norifam still effect or protect me from pregnancy?

  10. Hi! Pwede pa po bang magpa inject ng norifam kahit 1 week after na ng first menstration after giving birth? Thanks

  11. Hi regular kc sang men’s ko Hindi po ba siya masisira pg nag pa inject ako ng norifam? And ano po mga effects ng norifam? Tnx

  12. Hi Mommies, I just wanna ask kung normal lang ba talaga na lampas na sa isang linggo ang regla kapag first time mu inject ng Norifam ? worrie na kasi ako.

  13. I have been used norifam for 2 years and then i stop it on february until now april my mens did not come? Why this happening pls answer me..thankss

  14. Im using norifam for 1 month then I stop. That was june 21..I have bleeding july 10..then after spotting ..until aug 24 now.on and off brown spot then it normal?when this bleeding stop..noy oregnant cuz hubby says concieve 60 days what does it mean?

      1. Hi po good day po. Ask lang po ako. Nag inject po ako ng norifam august 15 then nag menstruation po ako august 29 until now. Kelan po mawawala ang breakthrough bleeding. At kelan po ulit mag iinject ng norifam?

  15. This is a helpful post for couple that into a family planning. Consulting a doctor is a must if someone wants to take this contraceptive because medicines has different effects to our body.

    1. Hello. I got my first injection onnthe first day of my menses. Then 14 days later I bled a little lighter than my regular period but still more than the usual spotting. Anyway, will this disrupt the supposedly 28 day cycle? Or will my period still come on the 28th despite the bleeding on the 14th. Thanks.

  16. I took pills for a few months and stopped hoping to get pregnant.But I got pregnant after 4 years of marriage. This injectible is good alternative to pills though.

  17. never heard of that contraceptive until now. I’m glad i don’t have to take anything because i did a non-invasive procedure to prevent me from getting pregnant too. in other words i will no longer get pregnant

  18. Is there any side effects on you? Me too, I never take any contraceptives, it somehow had side effects and indeed just made me sick, but hoping not to get pregnant again though.

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