Norifam: One Month Injectable Contraceptive

Norifam is a brand of injectable contraceptive that is effective for 1 month. Just like any contraceptive, it should be injected on the first day of your menstrual period ( first day of bleeding). You will have your regular menstruation period while using Norifam unlike in Depo-Provera (DMPA).


Pregnancy or suspected pregnancy, malignancy of breast, vaginal undiagnosed bleeding, moderate to severe hypertension, arterial thrombosis present or in history, severe liver disease, cholestatic jaundice or hepatitis, hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.


A thorough general medical and gynecological exam should be carried out before starting the drug. Pregnancy must be excluded out. Clinical check-ups are recommended about every six months during the use of the drug.

Drug Interactions:

Anti-convulsants, barbiturates, antibiotics, anti-diabetics and insulin.

Side Effect:

Headache, asthenia, gastric upset, weight changes, nervousness, changes in libido, menstrual irregularities, feeling of tension in breasts, irregular bleeding.

Your next injection should be given regardless of your menstrual cycle at intervals of 30+/-3 days. This means minimum of 27 days and maximum of 33 days since your last injection. If you forgot to visit your OB during those days, your next Norifam injection would be on your next menstrual period.

** My 1st Norifam injection was August 25, 2012. My second shot will be November 22, 2012. I can visit my OB November 21,22 or 23 depending on my availability. If I forgot to visit my my OB on the said dates, my second shot will be on my next menstrual period.

They say that Norifam will make your skin lighter and beautiful, boobs bigger and blooming effect. I cannot attest yet since I am only on my second week.


I only used Norifam once because the 3-month injectable is unavailable at that time. For your concerns and availability of Norifam, please ask you OB-GYNE.


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  1. Sis, is it safe po ba na nagpa inject ako ng norifam kahit di ko mens (no contact since 10months kasi seaman asawa) last april 19 shot ko and then after 8days dumating na asawa ko from abroad. Safe po yan sis?

  2. Is there any chances na ma pregnant ka even if 1month kanang nag stop sa norifam injection? Or mag stay pa yung norifam mo for like how many months or maybe years? I don’t have any kid pa and nag stop ako sa inject 1month baka kasi mabaog ako di ko kasi desisyun na magpa inject sa mother ko po yung idea. Kaya tanong lang po ako baka hindi ako maka anak.

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