Potty Training / Toilet Training

All along I thought potty or toilet training was a difficult task. I chose to spend money on buying diapers than to exert effort on potty training my son. I was very afraid that I might wash tons of laundry because Elijah pee or poop into his clothes. Both of us were not ready yet.

It was two month ago ( November) when I decided to start potty training Elijah. I realized that I do not have to hand wash his clothes if ever he pee on it since we have an automatic washing machine and if I am not going to start that month then when will he learn?

I never let him wear diaper during the day. I want him to learn how to say wee-wee when he wants to pee but I was wrong. He didn’t want to pee when he’s not wearing diaper. I failed on my first try because I was afraid that he might get UTI if he continues to hold back his wee-wee. Maybe he is not still ready to give up diaper. I gave him enough time. The next month, we tried again. I ask him every minute, every second if he wants to pee or poo. I bring him to the toilet and let him sit for a minute. I did that until he learned to say wee-wee. Our major problem that time was he’s not telling us if he’s about to poo. We just smell it and boom! he pooped on his shorts. It was only our second try for potty training so I still have lots of patience with me. It only took us a week or two with that scenario of smelling his poop before we knew he pooped. He finally learned to tell us if he wants to use the toilet maybe because he finds it gross. Yay!

Elijah is now fully trained but I am still afraid that he might wee-wee or poop in his shorts, I still let him wear his diaper when we are going out and when he is sleeping. It’s funny because he doesn’t want to wee-wee on his diaper anymore. He wants me to remove his diaper so he can urinate in the toilet. Well, you cannot stop me from doing it because we still have a big pack of diaper. Who will use it anyway?

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