Wedding Dresses – Bridal Gowns

I’ve been into a wedding before but that was like 18 years ago. I was not even present during the wedding ceremony because my parents chose to go directly to the reception area. I want witness a wedding ceremony because it feels so romantic. Right?

I wonder how does it feels to be in a wedding dress or even in a bridesmaid dress. A wedding day is said to be the most special day for a woman to experience. It is the time where we have to face a brand new phase of our life together with the person we love most. The bride is the most beautiful creature at that day.

In my physical state, I do not want to be a bride or a bridesmaid. I am fat but not ugly and I do not think I can wear a wedding gown on my special day with lots of bump in my body. I have to work it out! sweat it out! Well, I am just joking. I love my body just the way it is now.

If ever I’ll be married someday, I want to have a long wedding veil just like the one I’ve seen in Yes, you read it right. I am browsing wedding dresses in the internet! I am still deciding if I want a plain wedding dress or a fab one.

Whether I am getting married or not to the one I love, the important thing is that we are happy, contented and together.


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