D.I.Y Yakult Tea Using Lipton Yellow Label Tea

Just last week, I decided to drink tea for a change. I bought a pack of Lipton Yellow Label Tea. I already consumed two tea bags. The first one, I mixed it with calamansi juice. The taste was sour and bitter. The second one was, yellow label tea and yakult.

I love milk teas and I am planning to make D.I.Y milk teas. This will save me a trip to milk tea houses, I can do my own recipe, I can balance the sweetness. The possibiliTEAs with Lipton are really endless. Why didn’t I think of drinking tea earlier? Seriously, why self, why?

I am gonna post new D.I.Y tea recipes soon on this blog. We need this moms. We need to stay out of coffee and carbonated drinks. Are you with me?

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