The Trash Pack Scrap Racers – Toilet and Shoe

The Trash Pack Scrap Racers – Toilet and Shoe comes with two vehicles, two launchers, and two exclusive Trashies. This is suitable for kids aged 5 and up.

We know that Elijah deserves to have this Trash Pack Scrap Racers. He’s been asking for it and these gross little garbage monsters are his prize for being very good in his summer class. He wanted it badly before, would cry if we leave the toy store without the trash pack but now he barely touches it. He played with it once. Kids.

I remember, I also bought him an Angry Bird Splat Strike Game during those days when his addiction was still Angry Birds. He was two years old when he started this Angry Birds collection thingy. I want o give him everything he wants as much as I can because if I remember it clearly, I do not have any collection when I was a kid. We cannot afford to buy unnecessary stuff. Anyway, This Angry Birds Splat Strike Game is around $25, you’ll get 3 sticky red birds, 1 launcher and 1 poster. Since he was only two, he used it seldom until the sticky birds were gone.

We spend too much on Elijah’s toy even if we know he won’t use it that much. I know Elijah will soon realize the importance of keeping his toys. The toys’ prices are quite disappointing because they expensive but seeing the smile on your kid’s face, I guess I am willing to spend more.

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